Discovery Of Laminine

The History


Dr John R Davidson

In 1929, John R. Davidson, a Canadian Doctor, discovered an extract derived from fertilized hen eggs at a critical stage of incubation. He used this extract to restore health in his patients. Dr Davidson spent well over a decade developing and researching his theory. However, he died in1943, his research was quickly forgotten.

Dr. Bjodne Eskeland

It wasn’t until almost 50 years later that the pursuit of fertilized hen egg extract was revived by Norway’s foremost expert on egg research, Dr. Bjodne Eskeland.

Dr. Eskeland also hypothesized that partially incubated, fertilized hen eggs contained a special combination of amino acids, peptides, and protein fractions that could help provide an incredible array of health benefits when consumed by humans. In theory, these partially incubated, fertilized eggs – specifically 9-day-old fertilized eggs, contain all the nutrients required to start a new life. This includes vitamins, minerals and proteins, as well as important defense factors, growth factors, hormones and other biologically active components. While not much was known about the growth factor at the time, the high level of oligopeptides (small peptides) gave credence to research we had done on the necessity of rapid transport across the digestive membrane in order to derive effective benefits from amino acids.

Scientists have since discovered that on exactly the ninth day of incubation, the fertilized hen egg contains all the necessary elements to create life and the highest amount of nutrition to develop it into a living being. At this very precise moment the highly potent tissue is extracted. Today, along with a blend of phyto and marine proteins added to the extract to make it complete with all essential amino acids, we have created Laminine. Laminine continues the tradition of healing and restoring many people back to health and sustaining a balanced state.

Laminine is “Born”

LifePharm researchers and scientists found numerous studies for the cause and effect of individual amino acids, peptides and hormones. There were a number of products touting high dosages of one over another as beneficial for consumption. But none had developed and proven the “right” combination of amino acids, peptides, and growth factors.

With a team of scientists in Norway and research lead by Dr. Alex Martin, a leading doctor in the study of nutritional supplements at the LifePharm Institute of Technology, LifePharm developed Laminine, a balanced amino acid/peptide blend found through nature’s own perfect ingredients.

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