Lamiderm Apex

Lamiderm’s Formula

The fertilised egg extract is supported by a formula that makes Lamiderm unique:

  • VITAMIN C AND E – this powerhouse duo creates advanced protection for the skin.

  • RADIANCE COMPLEX – exclusive blend of 7 Swiss alpine plants are contained in Lamiderm

  • NOURISHING MOISTURISING BLEND – softens fine lines and wrinkles and more importantly provides a protective barrier against UVB rays and future skin damage.

  • NATURAL DELIVERY SYSTEM – aloe vera juice and coconut oil

Use Lamiderm daily morning and evening to a clean and slightly damp face

Lamiderm, an exclusive skin care formula that uses all that science has to offer to rejuvenate your skin so that not only do you look younger but you are turning back the clock on the damage that is happening to your skin.

We accelerate the ageing of our skin by poor diet, smoking, alcohol and nutritional deficiencies and external factors such as stress, pollution and UV damage.

Lifepharm have produced a skin care product called Lamiderm that will protect your skin from external damage and also  it will start repairing the damage that has already been done on the inside.

Lifepharm have taken a two pronged approach, unique to the skincare market.  They have brought us the highly successful Laminine, the supplement that helps rejuvenates, repairs  and boosts your well being.  But not stopping there they have taken this knowledge and science and have applied it to a skin care product to help repair, rejuvenate and make you skin positively glow!  This is Lamiderm, now available in the UK.

Laminine’s proprietary ingredient is taken from a egg at a specific time, this is important because at that time the cells are at their optimum in terms of energy, information and regeneration. Lamiderm relies on this too.

Taking this knowledge they have been able to harness an naturally occurring ingredient known as LOX (lysyl oxidase) from the egg extract.  This is an enzyme that is plentiful in youthful skin and helps link small collagen fibres to longer, stronger fibres.  It also contains 2 growth factors that simulate the collagen, elastin and fibronectin fibres in human skin cells. Lamiderm is the only product on the market to use this.


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