Laminine For Crohns Disease

In 2002 I was diagnosed with crohns disease. I was 32, which is a mature age for crohns as it usually manifests itself in late teens, I had a pretty uneventful health life to date without any serious problems and was a mother to 2 young children aged 2 and 5. I had and was however sustaining an extremely stressful marriage and this was was thought to be the trigger for the disease.

Crohns is incurable and can be life changing for many sufferers, mine is a very mild case, but did cause me to be pretty much house bound for the 3 months before diagnosis. Once I had been supplied with a heavy dose of steroids, my life recovered and once I felt brave enough I stopped the steroids and embarked on finding a solution to managing my crohns without serious drugs. The most vital being diet….goodbye gluten, dairy, sugar and many fruits and veg and yes alcohol, throw in a clinical homeopath, annual colonoscopies….this kept me in remission to the extent that I probably had a gut wrenching cramps and pain about once a week and almost immediately if I faced stress. Move forward to 2006 and the start of divorce proceedings, I then succumbed to steroids again to maintain the crohns. Move forward even more to 2012 and I’m more or less medication free, but on guard and very controlled about life style and particularly diet, my gut is very shakey and fragile.

In 2013, I was yet again in a horrible personal situation and was suffering from anxiety which presented itself in stomach pains and the early symptoms of full on crohns, night sweats, sleep deprivation and anxiety itching. My daily dose of xanax, piriton and stilnoch were my medication of choice and I found myself awake most of the night and feeling like a zombie during the day.

My great friend Camilla called to tell me about Laminine, all she had to say was “trust me, try it” so I ordered it and started taking it diligently but not waiting for a miracle. Within a matter of days I felt better, brighter and my constant headache had gone. Within weeks, my sleep came back and although I didn’t sleep much longer than 5-6 hours, my sleep was constant and I felt alive in the morning. My night sweats disappeared as did my itching. Ive now been on Laminine since October 2013 and Ive been off my other meds for about 12 months. In fact Laminine is the only product I now take, I literally get out of bed to take it. When I did stop taking it for a few weeks, that classic “I feel fine, so don’t need it scenario” my night sweats came back as did my itching…I wasn’t going to wait for any other nasties so I started taking it again and I’ll never stop…2 capsules a day. I haven’t had a sniff of crohns, I even eat a little wheat, a little dairy and a little alcohol. My consultant has said that I don’t need annual check ups whilst I’m so well, which is the best news as you never get used to a colonoscopy. I truly believe that Laminine has done this, it gave me my mojo back, it gave me stability in my gut and I look forward to going to bed…to sleep.



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