Laminine For Dog Health

Meg is a 12 year old retriever/huntaway cross.  She has always been a very active dog and I would run most days with her for up to an hour.  May 2012 we nearly put her to sleep after she became very unwell and the vet did not know what was wrong with her.  She spent 3 days on an IV drip and fluids.  Very slowly she turned a corner and gradually we began our walks again but not to the same length as before.  Two months ago I started her on Laminine and within 2 weeks her cataracts had gone, her coat had gone back to it original dark brown and was shiny and thick. She has since put on 2 kilograms of muscle.   Her pain from her arthritis was less – judging by her acting like a pup again wanting to interact and play with other dogs.

My sister has an 8 year old  chocolate Labrador who has suffered all her life with a skin disease which would often see her lose her fur and scratch constantly.  She has been on a very expensive strict diet and on and off steroids for most of this time.  Within 2 weeks of starting the Laminine she too had a remarkable result.  Coat dark and thick and she has been able to eat anything and everything with no side effects.



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