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I was recommended Laminine by two very trusted people that I have known for several years.  I did not feel an immediate rush of energy like many of the other supplements I have tried in the past, but on day four I woke up calmer than normal and had a very happy and upbeat day.  I noticed that day that I did not have any blood sugar/energy dips and I have had none since then.  This is truly wonderful for me, as I ever since I can remember, I  have an empty feeling in my brain which stopped me from being able to focus and concentrate, almost as if something was blocking glucose/oxygen reaching my brain.  I also used to get a very tight, sore and empty feeling in my abdomen daily, probably from working too hard.  I had tried countless supplements, dietary and lifestyle changes over the last 20 years and only succeeded in stopping this feeling 60% of the time – I haven’t had this empty brain or gut feeling for over 2 months now, which is truly amazing, especially since I have been juggling work and three kids on school holidays, and life has been non-stop. I have non-stop energy, I can now wait for mealtimes (I used to eat constantly) and my gut and bladder function are working better than they have been for years.

I have remained feeling upbeat, positive and happy every day since I started on Laminine.  I have not snapped at my husband or children and nothing is phasing me.  A truly great product with good research behind it

Lucinda Miller


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