My Life Improved With Laminine

I started talking Laminine on the 12th August 2013, and for the first few days did not experience any major changes, except that I was really thirsty, and drank a lot more water than usual.

However after about 5-8 days I began to notice that my sleep pattern had changed. I was not waking up in the night, and then thinking about issues that were worrying. I was in fact sleeping through the night and waking up in the morning feeling very refreshed and up for all the days challenges ahead.

After about 10 days on the product I consciously noticed that I was far less effected by stress in my life, and felt much calmer and in control of various events that happened around that time i.e. A friend had recently died, two of my children receiving A’ level and GCSE results, and generally living with three teenagers in the ninth week of the Summer holidays!!!! I was experiencing a very itch scalp, which I knew was stress related and this completely disappeared. This really gave me confidence in the product and what effect is was having on an emotional level.

The other major delight was that I naturally lost around half a stone in weight over the first three weeks, my appetite reduced, and I stopped my longing for sweet things.

I have also noticed that the cellulite on the back of my legs has dramatically reduced.

Then in late August early September I suddenly realized that I was not reaching for my reading glassed (2:0 magnifiers) to read labels, newspapers and books, and in fact I have not used them since.

On a personal level, I have not had night flushes with my period anymore, the dark rings under my eyes are so much improved, and my skin tone is better than it has ever been, and my nails grow strong and fast.

I now generally feel very well, happy and excited about life.

Camilla May


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